Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Birth of a Blog

The first post is always the hardest, right?

For those of you who are reading this for some odd reason and don't know me, my name is Lauren (aka Laurie) and I'm currently a junior at Ithaca College studying communications. I watch my fair share of television and Netflix, and have an unhealthy addiction to Pinterest and other social media. This upcoming semester, I will be "studying abroad" in New York City, as well as interning with a popular entertainment empire.

Also, I love cats, pizza, and Mountain Dew.

Now first off – I never thought about having my own blog. It never really seemed necessary (it still doesn't seem "necessary", but here we are). Blogs, in my mind, are glorified, public e-diaries.

I tried doing the whole diary thing growing up. It was not easy, and it was not fun.

Google defines the word blog as "a regularly updated website or web page, typically run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style".

I was technically wrong on the definition, but that doesn't matter.

My goal in having this blog is to document and share my time in New York City. I am going alone, with only a few family trips to the city under my belt, and am incredibly unprepared. But how can I even prepare myself for such an adventure? The only thing I'm expecting is that the unexpected will happen unexpectedly.

I plan to write about my escapades in the Big Apple. Be it trying the local cuisines (and posting the Insta-pic of it), attending cultural events (i.e., tourist attractions), or ranting my opinions on something (it'll happen eventually), I want to put my experiences in the city online for future reference. From time to time I might post inspirational quotes or something cliche, or post about my stupid feelings or whatever. But if people (my mom) want to read it, then that would make me feel pretty cool, I suppose.

This blog, in short, will be evidence of my inevitable change.

How much effort I will put into this blog will be determined based on several factors, however will mostly depend on my availability and stress level. I will not promise to blog every day – I know I won't blog every day.

But I will blog.

xoxo, Laurie

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