Thursday, January 1, 2015

Another Year Down

I never really was one for celebrating New Year's Eve. 

As a kid I would stay up late with my parents, or at least try to (apparently for Y2K I made my dad wear a tux, and then I fell asleep around 11:50pm). Some years I had a single friend come to watch movies and sleep over. It wasn't until late high school that I left my house and my parents to be with other friends. One year I babysat alone. I've only spent one New Years Eve with a significant other. 

This year I was happily at home with my parents, eating Chinese food while watching the Walking Dead marathon, and doing laundry. 

I've never felt that a new year meant a fresh start. People who see a new year as the only chance to make changes in their life confuse me. "New year, new me" is something my friends and I frequently laugh at. Celebrating a year full of happiness, success, and loved ones is great and fun, sure, but hearing statements from a person who fully believes they can change themselves (or others) just because it's January just isn't realistic. I don't know. Call me cynical. 

Anyway, here's a round up: In 2014, I learned that there can be happiness after unhappy times. For my 20th birthday, my parents told me that I could go Disney for the first time as a gift. I threw my mom a surprise party for her 60th birthday. I went from sophomore to junior year of college and had my first real summer internship, where I (sort of) decided what to do with my future. I watched all of Parks and Recreation in like, two weeks. Also, shout out to AMC's 4th of July "Dead, White, and Blue" Weekend for starting my mom's and my obsession with The Walking Dead.

I had some highs, and definitely some lows. But for whatever reason, I found ways to keep on going. And every once in a while, I look back and realize how much I've changed. Change doesn't happen in a day, but it is constant. Diamonds are made from coal with pressure and time. Was that cheesy? Probably. But true. 

My main point is this: while I've obviously changed and grown this past year, and every year, my changing is never determined by the's determined by the experiences. 

As blasé as I am about New Years, 2015 should be a pretty big year for me.

  • I'll be living in NYC for the first five months, taking classes and interning
  • I'll (finally) turn 21
  • Hopefully I'll take my first trip to Disney
  • This summer I'll be doing something... not sure what, but something
  • In August, I'll be starting my senior year of college

Here's to the adventures 2015 has in store. 
xoxo, Laurie

PS. This is only my second post, and as of now I haven't even shared the link to this blog with anyone. But! For future reference, and if you're on bloglovin', follow my blog! It will tell you any time I add a new post. 

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