Sunday, January 11, 2015

First 48 Hours

Hi all!

As many of you know, I moved to New York City two days ago. My parents and I rented a minivan (super luxurious and classy to roll up to NYC in, I know) and made the 6 hour trip from Rochester to Midtown Manhattan on Friday, and arrived around 3pm.

Since I moved in a few days after the official EHS (Educational Housing Services) move-in day, the process of getting my belongings up 9 stories with no help was an experience in itself. But the 1920's Art-Deco building is in more-than-decent shape, and the hotel staff has been friendly thus far. I'm staying in the New Yorker, which is half hotel and half student-dorming. I'll post a more detailed review of the place once I've been here longer than 72 hours!

When I first got to my room, I was not surprised by the size, but was surprised by the fact that my roommate (who wasn't there when I arrived) seemed to have been moved in for some time. I never thought I would have to live in a dorm room with someone again – being an only child, my freshman year was the first time I had to live in the same room as someone, and after that one year I lived in a single at school. It turns out that my new roommate, Maddie, has been living in the room since this summer. She is 18, from Portland, Oregon, and dances for the New York Knicks...casual, I know. But her few extra months of experience in the city will turn out to be a huge benefit for me, I can already tell. 

The 'rents and I immediately looked for food. Obviously the first real restaurant we came across was a steakhouse and obviously my mom and I were overly excited. Uncle Jack's Steakhouse on the Westside provided me with the best steak I have ever eaten, hands down (sorry Outback, you know I love ya). My parents and I all ordered the filet mignon, then continuously told each other how perfect our steaks were in between chewing. 

After dinner, I realized my wallet was missing. Only three hours after arriving. Like, only I would lose something so important so quickly. I was convinced it was in my room, but then figured I had to have dropped in while moving in and someone must have snagged it. After two panic attacks and crying to my mom that "it's not gonna be in a lost-in-found, there is no such thing as a lost-in-found in New York City, GOSH MOM", we found my wallet on my bed. 

We ended the night falling asleep in my parent's hotel room while watching HGTV. 

Saturday morning my mom and I took the subway to Bed, Bath and Beyond and my dad did who knows what. After ensuring I was "settled", they left around 1:15pm, and then I was alone. Very alone. Which was honestly...not awful. Of course I loved and appreciated having my parents help me move down to the city, but it was nice to walk around by myself and not have to worry about losing my dad or my mom giving money to every single homeless person that approached her (4 out of 4 times she did). The rest of my Saturday consisted of a nap, pizza, and catching up on some blogs. 

Sunday will consist of assembling a free-standing closet (since our "closet" is essentially non-existent), finding my way to 30 Rock, probably shopping because why not, and keeping warm. Having a week before my classes and internship start is going to be wonderful – it will give me the chance to really explore and get my feet on the ground.

Most important things I have learned thus far:

  • Crosswalk lights only offer a suggestion of when to walk
  • Everything is more expensive in New York City
  • Wear a scarf – it's just a thing, I can't explain it

After much consideration I did not bring my Canon with me. So even thought I haven't taken many pictures yet anyway, ya'll are just going to have to deal with iPhone quality pictures in the future. I hope to take more pictures in the next few days of exploring and meeting up with friends!

A serious thank you to the people who have reached out to me about my blog. I look forward to updating my friends and family around the world, and am beyond happy to get any type of response. 

It's only starting to set in, but I guess this is real!
xoxo, Laurie

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  1. I love New York, a beautiful photo!