Monday, January 5, 2015

The Countdown: 5 Days

Today is Monday. I move to New York City on Friday.

Things that need to get done:

  1. Everything

I have slightly started to pack (which also means I have slightly started to UNpack from the fall semester that ended three weeks ago), but it's mostly just piles of stuff in my living room at this point. Honestly, I don't have that much stuff to bring, but I will probably end up bringing way more clothing than necessary. #girlproblems?

Today I plan on going to the mall to finally purchase the laptop bag/tote I will be using while in the city for school and my internship. Some nice ladies at the TUMI store put it on hold for me on Saturday, which is much longer than retail is supposed to hold items for customers. You can see a picture of the bag here, but I will post pictures of the final pack-up (and a review of the bag) soon enough!

I'll also be doing other nonsense errands today: returning Christmas gifts, heading to the laundromat, pick up some groceries and medications at Wegmans, and whatever else my mom asks me to do. Plus, I think we will be taking next year's Christmas card picture today...long story short, my mom has decided upon a new tradition of buying herself, my father, and me matching footie pajamas – aka "onesies" – for us to wear on Christmas morning, and she wants the world to know. I've got to admit, this is the second year we've done it and it's pretty hysterical.

By the way, welcome to my blog! While I officially created the site before the New Year, (December 28th, to be exact) I waited to share the link until move-in day got closer. Now that it's only a few days away, I figured it was time! Please feel free to click around, leave comments, and judge me for having a blog! I really can't wait to document my time in New York City, regardless of who (if anyone) reads it. 

Today is Monday. I move to New York City on Friday.

Here we go!
xoxo, Laurie

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