Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekend Update


Around 4pm I met up with my friend, Chris. We work together at IC and have become good friends since the fall of our sophomore year (Fall 2013) – the kid is tall and hilarious and has made working in our dining hall not only bearable, but fun. Chris has lived in Queens his whole life, but has only started to spend in Manhattan within the last few years.

We met on Chambers Street and since he (obviously) knew the area more than me, he sort of led the way. We ended up walking towards the shore of the Hudson River through part of Battery Park (an activity that has now been crossed off my bucket list!), where I saw an exciting view of...New Jersey. The view of the "Dirty Jerz", as New Yorkers call it, was a pretty sight, but I somewhat expected the first cityscape I saw while living in NYC was going to be of NYC. But then, as the sun was setting (*dramatic music in the background*) I saw Lady Liberty herself. She was chillin'.

Being right on the water, it was windy and practically freezing. Before we headed our separate ways, I asked Chris the same thing I have been asking all my native New Yorker friends, "what are a few tips you could give a newbie about living in New York City"? Here's what Chris had to say:

  1. Walk fast, or you will get trampled
  2. If a subway car is empty, there's a reason – "probably a homeless person peed in there"
  3. Ask locals where to eat to avoid tourist traps
  4. If you're walking alone at night in a shady place, do not play music – it will make you a target and take you off your guard when you should be paying attention to your surroundings 
  5. Look up when you're walking! You never know what you could miss
    • Also: Make sure you don't trip in Central Park, "because you'll probably fall into horse poop – it happened to me"
  6. Get chicken over rice with white rice from The Halal Guys
  7. There's always something going on for free in the city – there are literally websites dedicated to finding that stuff
  8. The more expensive the car, the slower you can walk (I had to have him explain: "basically a cab will run you over no problem, but someone with a nice, expensive car won't want to damage if you're crossing the street in front of a Maserati, you can take your time")
  9. The subway has the best free entertainment – spend a day just riding it to people watch
  10. Don't be that person to fall on other people on the subway

Later that night, my roommate and our friend decided to go out for dinner. My friend was itching for a burger, so she suggested *drumroll please*... Shake Shack (click the link to see their mouth-watering Instagram account)! The burger-fries-and-shake joint has become a popular staple in Manhattan over the last few years, and it was one of the first restaurants I put on my bucket list. I just got a basic meal at the Shake Shack on 42nd Street, but I was one happy girl.


I had a major FOMO (aka Fear-Of-Missing-Out) moment late Friday night/Saturday night, when my close friends back in Ithaca called me on FaceTime after a night at the bars. It was hard for me seeing them all together again and hearing them say that they missed me and that I should be back in Ithaca. Unlike a group of my close friends who are currently studying abroad in London (shout out to those trolls), I am in New York essentially by myself. I didn't think I would miss Ithaca as much as I have been missing it this past week. But honestly, it was amazing to talk and laugh with my friends at 2am, and I'm glad they thought of me. 

After a somewhat lazy Saturday (except for that hour I spent at our building's gym – first time I've set foot in a gym in I couldn't tell you how long), I had a night out of my own. My roommate and a bunch of kids from our building usually spend their weekends at this local pub called Jack Doyle's, or Jack's for short. It's less than a block away, and it certainly has the vibe of an Irish pub, very casual and homey... the very opposite of the many bars and clubs that I thought NYC was full of. It was my first night out with my roommate, and overall one of the most fun nights I've had so far.


This morning I woke up to my aunt posting a picture of a slice of Mark's Pizzeria. I almost cried.

New York City in the rain (it's been pouring all day) is very sad. Not my favorite. But! A rainy day calls for a lazy day – later tonight my friends and I are going to drink some wine and watch some movies. I'm mentally preparing myself to start classes and to get my start date for my internship. These past few days I've been finalizing paperwork, so hopefully I'll be able to start soon... 

I have a couple other posts and plans for the coming week, so stay tuned!


Thank you again for reading! I appreciate all the love and positive remarks I've received from friends and family, and it means a lot that people have been thinking of me! 

Much love!
xoxo, Laurie


  1. Lauren, I love your blog so much. I've read every post!
    Also, number two is so accurate and important!

  2. I'll buy you a Mark's pizza when you're home this summer! Love, the pizza photo Aunt. <3

  3. I'm glad we thought of you at 2AM at the bars too. xoxoxoxoxooxoxoo EM

  4. Keep writing, you have a wonderful talent for blogging. And you will have something to look back on when you are old like us!! I heaved lived near NYC. all my life so its fun to hear places you are exploring. I have to send you some suggestions.