Thursday, February 12, 2015

5 Things I Miss the Most from Upstate

After experiencing some serious fomo (aka "Fear Of Missing Out", a somewhat new-age acronym I never thought I would experience) this past weekend, I found myself having a real tough time. I seriously, seriously missed being Upstate. I missed home, and all the things that make it "Home". But these are the Top 5 things I miss the most from Upstate

  1. Wegmans: I cannot stress enough how much I miss Wegmans. For everyone who knows how amazing Wegmans is (it was just voted "Best Reputation in the Nation", even over Apple and Disney!), it can be scary to think of a world without it. And now that I am living in this dark world of no Wegmans, I feel lost. New York City dwellers - or really anyone who hasn't experienced the greatness that is Wegmans - don't understand the importance of this place. They shop at their Whole Foods' or Costco's or maybe Trader Joe's, but HELLO. Wegmans literally has everything you will ever need and more. I am so lucky to have grown up surrounded by Wegmans.
  2. Mark's Pizzeria: Okay, before I hear all the, "but New York style pizza is so good omg!!!!", just stop right there. My friends and family know that I will never turn down pizza. Any and all pizza is beautiful in my eyes (except you, Little Caesars), but Mark's is special. I grew up on Mark's. This is the pizza I know and love; the pizza sauce that runs through my veins. I miss its thick crust and perfectly melted cheese, UGH and the calzones. And don't get me started on the pizza logs and fried dough. This will be the only food I eat when I visit home (I'm serious, I already talked to my mom about it). 
  3. Driving: Tammy, my cute little 2005 Toyota Corolla, is one of my best friends. I went from driving her every single day to having to take the subway... All the terrible things people say about the subway are true. I would give anything to get in my little Tam-Tam, blast the radio, and yell at stupid drivers while I probably miss a turn somewhere.
  4. Walking around campus: I think this can also be seen as, "I miss open spaces". Being in Central Park the other week reminded me so much of Ithaca that a wave of sadness crashed over me. I miss the grass in between buildings, the squirrels that, you know, are cute from a distance but don't try to eat food out of your hands like they do in the city, and I almost (alllllmost) miss the hills. But mostly I miss campus because of the smiling faces. People in NYC all have permanent bitch-face, myself included at this point. Plus I miss walking in areas where I don't constantly smell urine and/or garbage. 
  5. Stars: Self-explanatory. 

Some runner-ups include: having a microwave in my room/having my own kitchen, quiet nights, and of friends and family (and cat). 

Don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying this opportunity to live in NYC! Sometimes I think about my friends who are studying abroad (hi friends) and how they are living in totally different worlds and experiencing other cultures... but then I remind myself that I, too, am living in another world with its own unique atmosphere. New York City is unlike any place I've ever been to for an extended period of time. It has its perks, but I definitely miss the quaint suburban and rural areas I've come to appreciate over the past 20 years. 

What is something you do (or have done) when homesick? Leave a comment!

I've got a super busy weekend ahead of me, so check back next week for an update!

As always, 
xoxo Laurie


  1. Ahhh... Miss you! But live it up & breathe deep/enjoy.
    It's crazy cold here-we thought we lost Princess Monaco-trying to stay warm-treadmill
    in my office now (with TV). Wish you were here to enjoy
    some of that pizza! I remember when you brought some
    over. Relax-Wegmans will be here, do will Marks, we are
    supposed to get Whole Foods (Nxt door to Marios).
    We miss you!!!! Xoxo

  2. I MISS MARK'S, TOO!! I could inhale one of those pizza calzones right now! I really do not miss the shoppers in Wegman's (um, excuse me, if you're just here to chat on your phone, could you at least move your damn cart out of the middle of the aisle? Thanks...dirty look right back at ya, sweetheart.). However, I do miss the hot & spicy chicken from Wegman's Chinese food bar. I also miss bulk food sections. No stores down here have bulk food (but it could just be the backwater town I moved to). I didn't really think I bought bulk items all that often, but now I miss buying just a handful of candy to try or a cup of peanuts for a recipe.

    When I get homesick, I look at the weather or traffic cameras around Monroe County...and snicker snidely.