Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Weekend Upstate

I had quite the weekend. And I wasn't in New York City.

So quick back story: for Christmas, my mama bought 3 tickets to see Jay Leno, who was going to be doing stand-up in Rochester the weekend of Valentine's Day (it was a Christmas AND Valentine's Day gift from my mom to both my dad and me). Besides Spring Break in the beginning on March, I knew this would be one of few opportunities to go home...or go to Ithaca. And that's when I decided I would surprise all my friends at Ithaca.

Fast forward to last Friday, February 13. I jumped on a bus on 5:15AM from Port Authority headed to Rochester.

I spent Friday with my wonderful mother and my super sick (not like, "cool" but actually just very ill) dad. My mom and I caught up on some TV, ordered Mark's (I was almost in tears, people), and then we all headed off to see Jay. I wasn't definitely one of the youngest people there, but I genuinely had a great time. I feel as if I'm in between generations when it comes to The Tonight Show; I consider myself having grown up watching Jay Leno during school breaks when I could stay up late, but then again I love Jimmy Fallon and was able to watch his first show that started the new Tonight Show era. Anyway, I laughed at everything that wasn't supposed to be funny (typical) and loved cracking up with my mama.

Then it was Saturday. I was beyond excited to head to Ithaca, where only 3 people knew I was coming... I mean, I had this idea to surprise everyone in my head since the end of December and it was finally happening! I stopped very quickly to see Ryan (who knew I was coming) before heading up to my old apartment. None of my friends were home, so I quietly sat alone until people started arriving. My friend James tackled me into a chair, and my girls Lindsey and Allie had to pick up their jaws from the ground before tightly hugging me. But the surprising wouldn't be over until I showed up to a dinner date later that night.

One of my closest friends, Katie (aka KTB) turned 21 last weekend and unfortunately I wasn't able to be there to celebrate with her. The best I could do? Surprise her a week later. She cried. Her reaction will forever be in my mind, and I was so happy to be with her - and the rest of my friends - even just for 24 hours.

Truthfully, I was pretty miserable when I had to leave. I have missed Ithaca and my friends so much, and this past weekend being able to catch up with everyone was incredible. To my roommates, thank you for making time for me in your busy schedules this past weekend, and thank you for making me feel like I never left. I know that I will be back soon enough.

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I know it's been a long time again since I've posted, so here's some updates!
  • Work has been going well...last week my supervisor went to check out venues at for an event Syfy is planning at SXSW ("South by South West", a film/TV/music festival held in Austin, TX every spring) so I was able to learn about setting up events and contacting larger companies, which is totally scary but also pretty cool. And no, I'm not actually getting to go to SXSW... I'm bummed too.
  • For my Art in NYC class, we went to a bunch of galleries in Chelsea last weekend. Art is weird, let me tell ya. 
  • I got dinner with one of my closest friends and her parents last Monday before she left for New Zealand. Miss Emily (who has her own blog - check it out here) is studying abroad for the semester, and since she was flying out of JFK we made sure to get together.. she's going to have an amazing time and I can't wait to hear about her adventures!
  • Maddie and I had our first big bug in our room together - it was traumatic...
  • While I was home, my mom and I had our annual FIRST SHAMROCK SHAKE together! We always document by taking a selfie.

  • I've crossed some more items off my bucket list!
    • 53. Shop at Buffalo Exchange
    • 56. Eat a cupcake from Magnolia's Bakery
    • Places to Eat: Carmine's (where Emily's family and I went to eat)
    • Museums: National Museum of the American Indian and The Fashion Museum at FIT
  • Here are some more pictures.....

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Stay warm, people...seriously.
xoxo, Laurie

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