Thursday, February 5, 2015

One Month Mark

As of this Friday (or technically February 9th) I will have been living in New York City for a month. How is that even possible? I feel like I've been here for two weeks, at the most. 

Speaking of two weeks. Um. Hey everyone....sorry I haven't posted in two weeks. I'll try to make this as short and painless as possible, but a lot has gone on! Here are some of the highlights:


My classes started:
Half of my classes are online, and the other half are just once or twice a week. Nothing too bad so far, but it has been a struggle having to remember doing homework each week. The class I'm most enjoying is my "Art in NYC" class, where we essentially go around the city to museums and galleries and then reflect on the environment or artwork.

My internship started:
January 26th was my first official day at NBC/Syfy (in case ya'll didn't know where I was interning, now you know!) and I'm the only intern for the channel. It's been insanely overwhelming, but I really think I'm going to like it. I have my own cubicle and everything (am I an adult yet?), so it's pretty exciting! 

This, along with my classes, have taken up a majority of the past two weeks, which is honestly why I haven't posted as much. But there aren't opportunities to take pictures or really write about what I do in the office, since some of it is "Top Secret" or whatever. Anyway, I am enjoying it thus far, and while this will continue to take up my time (I mean, it is the whole reason I'm in the city this semester) I want to focus on sharing the more adventurous and memorable aspects of my time in NY, like trips or accomplishing my bucket list and whatnot. 

I crossed items off my bucket list:
2) Visit St. Patrick's Cathedral
23) Eat from a food truck
36) Go to a "New York ___" game – Knicks, Mets, or Rangers
Museums: MoMA (so cool, loved it)
Museums: The Met (eh...)
(Psst...see the updated list here!)

I made it through NYC's HISTORIC snow storm, Juno:
.....this one is obviously a joke. People in my building were actually scared and I couldn't help myself from laughing in their face. "I'm from Upstate, you have no idea what snow is", was something I said so many times I lost count. "I told you so" was another statement I made frequently after the dreaded storm essentially missed us, just like I knew it would. The whole city shut down for five inches of snow. Comical. Nothing like "the snowglobe from hell" that Ithaca has been called. But my friends and I did make the decision to go to Central Park for a snow day! New York City snow is typically disgusting brown slush within minutes of touching the ground, but luckily Central Park provides the best place (besides Upstate or Alaska or something) to see beautiful, white fluffy snow.

I ate cool food at cool places:
Pie Face – went to the place around the corner with a fellow Rochesterian! My friend Kevin and I met up for a day and got a quick brunch from this place that sells pies: breakfast type pies with eggs and bacon, lunch/dinner pies with meats and potatoes, and the classic dessert pies we all know and love. All of the pies have a little faces on them (hence the name) to differentiate the flavors.

Guy Fieri's American Kitchen and Bar – okay so it's a little known fact that I have this weird obsession with Guy Fieri. Whenever Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives is on, I have to watch, I don't know. Anyway, the place was huge since it had three levels, and there were some of Guy's infamous quotes painted on the walls. The food was out within minutes of us ordering, and we were both super happy with what we got! Definitely will have to go back (with my mom, probably). 

Junior's – also right on Broadway and Time Square, we grabbed sundaes and cheesecake one night. 1950s feel, the place was packed even at 11pm. Great oldies music, our server was hilarious, and Maddie and I got the best brownie sundae we've ever had. 

( on the lookout for a new page on my blog, where I talk about restaurants I've been to and the great food I've eaten! Pictures will be in abundance...)

I had my first visitor:
This past Saturday (1/31), my good friend Ryan came to visit. Ryan and I know each other through a close mutual friend at school, and he works at a bar that my friends and I frequently visit (yeah, yeah, I know). A huge sweetheart, I was incredibly happy to have him as my first guest in the city.

Before I made my move down to the city, Ryan told me that he had plans to come to NYC to see a Rangers game at the end of January. Since I live next to Madison Square Garden, I offered him a place to stay, and in exchange he offered me a ticket to the game! Hockey isn't a sport I've ever really been into, but I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to see an NHL game at MSG...I mean, it was on my bucket list. 

While Ryan was here we went to The Met (he came with my to my "Art in NYC" class on a Saturday afternoon, poor kid), walked to Time Square, went to the Rangers game, and saw the 9/11 Memorial before he had to leave. It was a quick trip, and I was bummed to see Ryan go back to Ithaca, but I know he'll be back soon enough!

I took a lot of pictures:


I know that was A LOT to post, but I just had to catch up! If you want to know more, definitely leave a comment or message me! Thank you to everyone who has been keeping in contact with me and asking about the blog, I appreciate the love and support more than you know.

More posts soon I promise!
xoxo, Lauren

P.S. I hope ya'll don't hate the heart background on the blog! I just thought of switching it up since it is February and Valentine's Day is just around the corner (but really it's because I'm already bored of the way my blog looks, so I've been looking into a redesign). 

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