Bucket List

In no particular order...

  1. Eat a street dog
  2. Visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  3. Crash an NYU/Columbia party
  4. Visit the Socrates Sculpture Park
  5. Be seen in the Today Show audience (hi mom!)
  6. Go to Webster Hall for a music show
  7. Look at the NYC Skyline from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade
  8. See/met someone famous (seen a few old cast members of SNL, and saw Ansel Elgort on March 14th!)
  9. Take a picture with someone famous...
  10. See The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon
  11. See Saturday Night Live
  12. Ride a Citibike
  13. Become friends with my doormen
  14. Spend a day walking the Highline
  15. Go to Century 21
  16. Go out one night to Williamsburg
  17. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  18. Meet Human's of New York's main man, Brandon Stanton
  19. Spend a day in Bryant Park
  20. Do yoga with strangers in public
  21. See the Top of the Rock
  22. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
  23. Tour 30 Rock
  24. Try my best at Trapeze School New York
  25. Have breakfast at Tiffany’s
  26. Ride the Staten Island Ferry
  27. Eat from a food truck
  28. Do homework in the New York public library
  29. Go to a Broadway Show
  30. Visit the Waldorf Astoria Hotel
  31. Buy produce or flowers from Union Square Famers Market
  32. Go to Chelsea Market
  33. People watch in Grand Central Station
  34. Take one of those terrible double-decker bus tours (with Maddie - by her request)
  35. Go to the cat café...
  36. Walk through Battery Park
  37. Walk into a movie/TV scene being done
  38. Kayak on the Hudson River
  39. Visit the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in spring time
  40. Go to a "NEW YORK ___" game – Knicks, Mets, or Rangers
  41. Take part in the St. Patrick's Day parade/festival
  42. Take Manhattanhenge photos
  43. Go to the Tribeca Film Festival
  44. Find the hidden City Hall subway station
  45. Become friends with someone by meeting them on the subway
  46. Give someone directions and know what I'm talking about
  47. Go to a movie premiere (at Ziegfeld Theatre – thanks Haruka!)
  48. Buy something from Sak's on Fifth Avenue
  49. Shop at Bloomingdale's
  50. Shop at Buffalo Exchange
  51. Eat a cronut
  52. Eat a cupcake from the Cupcake ATM
  53. Eat a cupcake(...) from Magnolia's
  54. Spend a day in Central Park
  55. Go to the Central Park Zoo
  56. Take a picture on the steps of the Met (xoxo, gg)
  57. Become a regular customer somewhere

Places to Eat:

     Alice’s Tea Cup                        
     Big Gay Ice-Cream
     Chinatown Ice Cream Factory (thanks Haruka!)              
     City Bakery                     
     Dominique Ansel Bakery                           
     Doughnut Plant                      
     Du Mont                                 
     McGee’s Pub                       
     Milk & Cookies Bakery
     People’s Pops
     Pommes Frites
     Shake Shack 
     The Halal Guys (street cart)
     The Spotted Pig
     The Sugar Factory
     Trailer Park Lounge


      The Met
      Museum of Natural History
      National Museum of the American Indian
      Fashion Museum at FIT

Updated as of: 3/25/2015

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  1. You should also look into movie premieres happening at the Ziegfeld Theatre on 54th between 5th and 6th Ave. There's always a section where normal people can stay and sometimes the actors and actresses will come over for autographs. I went there for one of the Harry Potter premieres and that was how I got Emma Watson's autograph! Also, even if you don't get an autograph, it'll just be a really good opportunity to see famous people sort of up-close!

    Also, I really recommend Pommes Frites and Momofuku! Pommes Frites has the most amazing dips and both of those places are in this like small little shops and it gets crowded fast which is the most typical NYC environment. And you should check out the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory on Bayard Street!